How to get your secondary research done quickly, and effectively!

Researching is the most important facet for completing an assignment and ensuring it is of good quality. Secondary Research for an essay or literature review begins with the essay question itself or the literature review subject matter. If the assignment brief provides a structure for the essay then research would be easier as you would know the exact areas that are required but if a structure is not provided like in the case of a literature review then you will have to decide upon your own structure for the secondary research. Below are seven steps to producing a literature review that may be followed:

Literature Review

Try to decide upon the structure of your secondary research by looking at the title of the essay or research topic as the case may be. Break the title into the various components and then research accordingly.

The research process should try and identify the components and the links between them (in the title) and should also incorporate the implications this would have. For instance, lets say that the title of your essay or research topic is The Impact of Social Media on Youth Today.

Here you would need to look into two different aspects:
– Social Media
– Teenagers today and any notable trends pertaining to them
– Then you would need to correlate these two with the impact.
– You need to focus on the advantages or the positive impacts and also need to look into the disadvantages or the negative impacts and then finally conclude.

So the skeletal structure could be as follows:
Social Media- What is the social media? Any interesting points?
Youth Today- A general discussion about the youth today and focus on technology.

Positive impact of social media on youth
Negative Impact of social media on youth
Are the positives more or are the negatives more? Conclude with your own view point.


Further you would also need to refer to scholarly materials for authenticating your own ideas and identify some good places to find out the scholarly materials Рthis could include online article databases as well as the university library. However, if you do not have much access then Google Scholar can be a good place to assist you with the research and the referencing.

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