Why Class and Social Status is a thing of the mind. It is subjective!

Do your professional level and/or pay affect the value you place on yourself? Are you relegated to the background because you have not been fortunate like your friend who seems to be on top of his career; acquiring well recognized professional certifications and working in a top multinational firm with a wow salary?

Social Status

To you, you are both not on the same class anymore. And this is affecting your confidence at work and in business meetings or any professional gathering.

It is important you know that your worth is not in your current pay or net income but in the magnitude of the problems you solve or can solve. The major determinant of your worth is the wealth of information you have and the application of it in meeting diverse business needs of varying complexity and magnitude.

Your class is more in your influence capacity, responsibilities, and leadership strength than in your affluence; material things, mere designation at work or how loaded your bank account is. Your Class or Social Status is a thing of the mind because it is simply a perception of you, either by you or by those you come in contact with.

What drives the perception of the people of you is what they see, hear, or say about you. Simply put the information they have about you. Most times, they look at your material things, places you visit, the connections you have, where you live, how large you live, where you work and so on. But what is your perception of yourself? Who is in the best position to rightly define your Class; you or somebody else?

The perception of the people around you of you is not always right. You are the determinant of what people perceive of you. No one will believe in you until you first believe in yourself. You are not what people tell you that you are but what you tell them you are. You can manipulate the information they have about you to your favour. It is subjective! It is all about personal branding.

So strive to succeed in the organisation that you build. Use what you know to do big things, learn more and keep learning to enhance your worth and improve on yourself.

Networking is also very essential; your professional contacts are your propeller and defense. Rather than feeling inferior, leverage on the referrals and expertise of your connections to get more contracts or get bigger assignments done more effectively and efficiently.

Take pride in what you do especially if you are self-employed early enough. Magnify your office. Those currently in employment will still come and appreciate or embrace your status as an employer of labour- definitely yes!

Lastly, do not despise the days of small beginning. Be diligent at what you do and stay on top of your game!

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