Short Courses and Workshop Sessions

Edusearch is working with small business employers across Nigeria to support their needs and help their growth.

Our Business School plays a key role in supporting businesses. We have a broad range of services including  business networking, bespoke business growth modelling, relevant training services, short courses and workshops, Growth Club and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP); we aim to link business to business to help share experiences on how to take their business to the next level, learning from the best performers.

Our resource personnels are either high level working business professionals or those who have established atleast a fast growing sustainable business in Nigeria.

Link to us and discover how we can support your business.

Short Courses
A series of short thought leadership and management events designed to help business owners who want to start working on their business, not just in it. You will explore and understand what makes businesses successful in the long-term and learn to develop new business growth approaches that can be implemented into the organisation immediately.
The short courses programme runs for 3 hours with networking opportunities over lunch.

Workshop Sessions
Workshops are designed to help ambitious business owners who want to develop further their organisation and implement growth strategies. The workshops will offer deeper facilitation and will leverage the expertise of Edusearch Global Network Limited members of staff and trained freelancers in Nigeria who are professional consultants and business owners. Participants will be supported throughout the day by these professional consultants and business owners.
The Workshops programme is a one-day thought leadership course which runs for 7 hours with networking opportunities scheduled throughout the day or a two-day hands-on practical training which runs for 3 hours per day.
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Leading & Managing the Business
Learn to implement effective change in your business by hearing first hand from successful business owners. Draw upon the expertise from the Business School on how to lead and manage a business. Take away practical advice and actions on how to resolve key challenges and exploit business opportunities.

Standing Out
In an increasingly competitive environment, the need to be outstanding has dramatically increased.
Learn how to increase your brand awareness, develop a stronger position in your market, deliver what you say you will.

Opening Up Opportunities
Assess the strength of your competitive advantage and explore how existing and new strategic alliances could help you reach your business goals or deliver further competitive advantage.
Identify clear, practical steps to realize new opportunities for business development.

Financing Growth
Understand how leveraged financing can help you develop your business, and learn how to identify the right sources of funding for your particular requirements.
Be clear on how to attract and nurture the right type of financing relationship.

Exiting the Business
Learn how to put together an effective succession plan which fits in with your personal aspirations, within a time frame of your making.
Understand the challenges you will face in exiting your business.

Marketing and Branding Master Class

Learn how to create landing page, integrate social media & mailchimp to generate leads as well as using mobile app to drive sales, blogsite for blogging & custom email address for branding.

  • Creating an online page or a website will foster the sale of your products or services while you are offline.
  • Integrating social media platforms to your website will help to generate traffic to your site to increase your sales.
  • Using mailchimp, an email marketing tool will also help to generate leads (potential customers contacts) necessary for repeat purchase or marketing other products you have now or that you may have for sale in the future.
  • Using mobile app to drive sales is about increasing your brand engagement on-the-go. This fosters your customers’ loyalty to your services and products.
  • Attraction marketing using custom made blogsite will continually help to draw interest to your company, product or service using carefully devised techniques.
  • Creating a customised email address for your business will enhance your customers perceived value of your brand.

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