Motion Graphics & Cartoon Animation Video

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Learn To Use Whiteboard Explainer Video For Effective Marketing

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Register for Digital Skills Masterclass

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The missing link between business activities and business success

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May 6, 2020 · 8:30 PM

Marketing and Branding Masterclass

via Marketing and Branding Masterclass

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April 24, 2020 · 12:59 AM

Africa Business Forum (Abule-Egba Chapter) commemorates 17 October 2019 as International Day for the Eradication of Poverty


Entrepreneurial Skills & Business Development Training– brought to you by the Africa Business Forum (Abule-Egba Chapter) in partnership with Abule-Egba Economic Forum.

Date: October 17, 2019
Venue: Progress School, Lanre Ibitoye Street, New Oko-Oba, Lagos
Time: 11am
Theme: Strategy for Grassroot Poverty Eradication: Entrepreneurship Skills & Business Development Training

We have chosen this year’s theme, recognizing calls for increased direct investment, and collaborative innovation from thought leaders in African business, and macroeconomics to improving the standard of living of Africans. In addition, today marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and the United Nations theme for 2019 is Acting Together to Empower Children, their Families and Communities to End Poverty to commemorate the day.

Innovative thinking around African countries’ internal development strategies, economic relationships with each other and Africa’s interactions with the rest of the world, given growing obstacles to globalization, will prove to be increasingly important.

We believe that your presence will allow us to grapple with this theme and the questions it raises in detail.

We believe that the Africa Business Forum program will leave you with meaningful insights, takeaways, and connections that will spur you to actualize your vision for Africa’s future.

We aim to connect wantrepreneurs and promising early-stage African entrepreneurs to a powerful network of investors, venture capitalists, mentors, and consultants to help bring their idea(s) to life and accelerate their growth, and provide them with resources they can use to develop into regional powerhouses.

We look forward to having you there!
And if you can not be able to make it, there’s a regular weekly workshop and training that follows the Oct. 17 event.

Join the forum today and let us work together as a team. There’s up to about a total of N35m in the form of both funding and fixed assets for each individual member of the forum over time.

But you need to register as a member of the forum with N2000 only. The earlier you register the better.

Also think of people you can extend this to who will, in turn, extend it to some others till we hit our target of empowering 200million Africans.

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Sample Business Consulting Deliverable

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Dropshipping: The Easiest Way To Start Online Retail Business Without A Capital

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Building a Professional Career in Freelancing

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How to Maximise and never get idle or broke again

Most people have accounts on but never got their first project to do. The purpose of this post is to explain how ranking and matching algorithms work across the platform so you know what to do to always get projects you can do and earn daily.

The Basics

On, ranking algorithm assigns a score to each of the freelancers. This score is based on multiple factors and is personalized based on the employer’s preferences, the project’s requirements and skills.

The three places where this ranking is used are:

Bidlist for each project: It is important to note that ranking for each project is customized for the employer. Further, the freelancer view of the bid list does not reflect the actual ranking which the employer sees.






Why is Ranking important for you? continues to be the leading freelancing platform in the world. Having a good rank on the platform is an asset – it ensures that as a freelancer, you will always have projects to work on.  

Employers only see 8 bids per page. As a freelancer, you absolutely want your bid to appear on the first page.

Many of the freelancers are also directly hired by employers. Employers discover freelancers from the Directory or Search.

Your chances of being awarded increase significantly with your rank. If you rank among the top few on a project, your chances of being awarded is far greater than freelancers who don’t.

Ranking Factors

The ranking algorithm rewards consistent delivery of  high quality work.  There are 4 factors that determine your rank in the algorithm – (i) Reviews and Feedback, (ii) Use of milestones,  (iii) Responsiveness and (iv) Quality of your profile

Reviews and Feedback

Employers rate freelancers across five categories. These five categories are Quality, Communication, Expertise, Professionalism and Hire Again. Additionally freelancers receive an ‘On Time’ and ‘On Budget’ rating. It is critical to get a positive rating across all categories. A “No” or a “Negative” rating on any parameter can severely hurt your rank.


This is how reviews and feedback are used in’s ranking algorithm:

  1. Recency of Employer Feedback: Recent reviews are exponentially more important than old reviews. This is a crucial aspect of the ranking algorithm.  A recent glorious review can earn you a massive lift in their rankings.  A recent rating that is negative on even one parameter can set your progress back by weeks.  This implies that a recent 4 star review can potentially hurt your ranking.
  2. Number of Reviews: The more successful reviews you receive, the higher your score. The system rewards experience.
  3. Size of past projects: The amount you have earned per project, while earning a positive rating,  is taken into account.  The system is nonlinear. Thus, a small increase in your average earnings can earn you a disproportionately higher lift in your score.
  4. Quality of Reviewer: Reviews by more experienced employers are given more importance.



Working with the milestone system is the easiest way to improve your ranking.

Here are all the milestone related components in the scoring system that have a positive impact on your score:

  1. Amount: The total value of all milestones that have ever been released to you. The more you earn using milestones, the higher your ranking.
  2. Frequency: Working more often with milestones improves your ranking significantly. Thus, the greater the number of projects where milestones are released to you per week, the higher your ranking.


For Hourly Projects, the following factors can improve your ranking:

  1. Total Paid Tracked Hours: The total number of hours that you have tracked using the Freelancer Desktop app, which have been paid.
  2. Paid Tracked  hours per project: Average number of hours tracked per project, which have been paid.

Not all factors improve your score. Some factors hurt your ranking as well. Early milestone releases combined with employer complaints can severely hurt your ranking – i.e.  if you have requested release of milestones before work was completed, and the employer reports such behavior to


Chat and Responsiveness

Being responsive and working  efficiently with the chat system is critical to your rank. Here are the factors being looked at:

  1. Accept Rate: Having a high accept rate is one of the easiest ways to boost your rank. Repeatedly rejecting projects after bidding can lead to incremental penalties.
  2. ResponsivenessThe faster you respond once an employer sends you a message, the higher your ranking.
  3. Spamming employers: Repeatedly sending unnecessary messages to employers to solicit work when there is no active project between you and the employer can attract a penalty.
  4. Offsiting: Attempts to take communication offsite to other messaging services can attract a massive penalty. randomly screen messages for blacklisted terms. If caught, you can even attract a permanent ban from the platform.


Your Profile

  1. Exams: The number of exams you have written and your performance in exams can significantly boost your ranking. Exams are particularly useful for freelancers who are new and do not have a lot of experience and reviews
  2. Profile Marks: Your profiles are marked based on their quality. Maintaining a good profile is extremely important for your ranking.


For New Freelancers

It is understood that many of the factors above require consistent good performance on the platform, over a long period.

However, a significant proportion of projects are awarded to new freelancers everyday. It has never been easier to find work online, and at they are committed to make it easy for anyone to freelance online.

Here are suggestions for new freelancers:

  1. Bid Early: Can’t get to the top? Bid before the others do. Early bidders consistently win more projects since it increases their chances of interacting with the employer.
  2. Proposals: When you place your bid, make sure you write a good proposal. Our analysis clearly suggests that copy-pasting generic proposals reduces your chance of being awarded. Proposals that are relevant to the project description are orders of magnitude more likely to be awarded.
  3. Sponsor Your Bid: Found a good project? Sponsor your bid! Sponsoring your bid ensures that you are on the top of the list and have a very high chance of interacting with the employer.
  4. Membership: Being on one of the membership plans gives you access to more projects. Members are eligible to bid on projects that have a higher likelihood of being awarded.
  5. Exams: The scoring algorithm incorporates your scores in your exams. Completing exams is the easiest way to give your score that small boost that is needed to improve your rank.

Where To Find Your Bid Quality Score

Your Bid Quality Score can be found in the following two locations:

1. In the weekly Bid Quality Score report email

2. Is featured on the side when bidding on a project

Bid Quality Score

The tips above are equally valid for older freelancers who are looking for ways to improve their current ranking. We feel these tips are specifically helpful for freelancers who are finding it difficult to win projects.

For mentoring and training, contact us today and you will never have cause to submit your CV again for employment anywhere.

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