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Building Momentum For Growth: SEMINAR 1- Highlights

Some religious myths about business growth:

1. Growth can happen by believing only…
NO, faith without works is dead!

2. Growth can happen by praying only…
NO, prayer only makes power (divine impetus, ability, grace, momentum, propulsion, impulsion, force, motive force, driving force, drive, thrust, continuing motion, energy, push, steam, strength, motivation, stimulus, incitement, incentive, inducement, inspiration, encouragement, boost; urging, pressing, goading, spurring, prodding) available to put to work the revealed principles and means for growth to happen.

3. Growth can happen by simply sowing seeds…
NO, sowing seeds only connects & keeps you to the vision. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

4. Growth happens when you keep confessing it…
NO, your confession only augments your conviction to do or put to work these revealed principles and means.

General myths about business growth:

1. You can achieve growth independently…
NO, growth is a compound phenomenon that requires a team-work, divine or external body or force. There is need to seek professional expert advice (business advisory services), network with others in the same field of business, go into strategic alliances and partnerships that is well informed, belong to a business related association, go for more knowledge by attending seminars, trainings, a relevant business school and more importantly, belong to a group of people who have a walking relationship with God.

2. A couple of efforts directed at growth can bring about growth…
NO, growth is the PROCESS of increasing in size, number, value, or strength. Process means a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

3. Growth happens only when there is large funding (huge capital)…
NO, huge capital can lead to a catastrophe (disaster) when there is no structure on ground to engineer and sustain business growth.

The truth about business growth:

– Growth is the product of continuous conscious effort. Hence, the need to consciously build a culture based on revealed principles and means…

– In a bid not to pay the price of discipline required in building such culture, some business men follow short-cuts by consulting spiritualists to engineer business growth, which last but for a moment leading to drastic business failure in the end.

– Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain… Psalm 127:4. Spirituality CANNOT be ruled-out! God is the author of growth. He has already revealed to us certain principles and means by which growth is inevitable. GROWTH IS NOT BUILT IN A DAY!

* First step is you must be determined (resolute) to grow by tenaciously following the revealed principles and means. Also, there has to be a vision you are passionate about and a related mission you are committed to. Proverbs 29:18 – Where there is no vision (revelation), people cast off restraint (discipline)… meaning you easily sway from the continuous building of a business culture based on the revealed principles and means. Also your vision must have a connection to God the source of lasting growth (sustainable growth).

* Second step is you must understand these principles and how they work… how they translate into ‘Solow residual’ for the business. The Solow residual is the portion of an economy’s (for the purpose of this seminar, business’ or company’s) output growth that cannot be attributed to the accumulation of capital and labor, the factors of production. It is a measure of productivity growth that is usually referred to as total factor productivity (TFP). Total Factor Productivity (TFP) is the portion of output not explained by the amount of inputs used in production. … As such, its level is determined by how efficiently and intensely the inputs are utilized in production. TFP growth is usually measured by the Solow residual.

The question is what are these revealed principles and means?

Watch-Out for Seminar 2 in our next event on BUILDING MOMENTUM FOR GROWTH on Saturday 27th October

Time: 12noon – 2pm

Plan to be there live! Do not miss-out

Your membership of Abule-Egba Economic Forum and participation in these series will not only provide you with vital information about your own business growth but practically, professionally & spiritually assist with the appropriate plan to engineer and sustain your business growth. The implementation plan and follow-up process is our collective concern as a group. Help is here!!!

Kindly drop your comments and reactions so we know those who are with us. Very important!

God Bless You!

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An Inevitable Key For Success


Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men (Proverbs 22:29). The opening verse from the bible shows us a key ingredient for a successful and prosperous life – diligence! Some people find themselves in a regrettable state in life due to their inability to apply diligence in their lives, and in the things that God has called them to do. The Lord Jesus was humbly diligent; He said in John 4:34, “…my meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work”. He recognized that His success was in doing the work of the Father, and finishing it. He knew the importance and eternal significance of His assignment, and committed Himself to it with extraordinary discipline and diligence. There’re people who never finish or complete anything that’s committed to them; and there’re others who are perpetually late to their workplace or come up with excuses for non-performance. Yet, such people wonder why things aren’t working out right for them, or why they aren’t being promoted. The reason for their predicament is simple: they slothfully ignore the application of diligence in their everyday life. Diligence- persevering determination to perform a task; conscientiousness. Diligence is a key factor that sparks off true success in you. I’m talking about the God-kind of success; not the world’s definition of success. Diligence brings you before kings and into honour while slothfulness leads to poverty and obscurity. Diligent people make their organizations more successful and prosperous than the way they met it. That’s one of the hallmarks of truly successful people. Become diligent in anything and everything that’s committed to your trust. A close look at the lives of successful men and women around the world, no matter what field of endeavour they belong to, will reveal one common factor in their lives – diligence. The same thing applies to things of the Spirit. As you diligently study the Word of God and apply it, it enriches your spirit; you become successful in your spirit, and your fellowship with the Lord is enhanced.

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