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Mayowa Odunnaike, B.Sc., M.Sc., MIBS Management Consultant Mayowa is the founding partner of Edusearch Consulting, a division of Edusearch Global Network Limited. He holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Hons) Degree in Accounting from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria. He attended the prestigious Leicester Business Academy where he studied Management Accounting at the postgraduate level and also did a postgraduate course in Research Methods for Business and Management in Leicester, UK. He also holds a Masters Degree (M.Sc.) in Management from Middlesex University, London. He is a full member of the Institute of Business Strategy. Mayowa has acquired over 10 years experience working in various roles with different organisations both in the UK and in Nigeria such as a Research Consultant (Edusearch Consult, Nigeria), Economic Analyst (London Borough of Barnet, UK), Researcher (Middlesex University Business School, UK), Marketing Manager (Honeypark Global Services Ltd., Nigeria), and rose to the post of the General Manager of Honeypark Resources Company, a small scale Management Consulting firm in Nigeria. He specialises in Business and Management Research, Corporate Planning and Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing and Project Management.

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August 6, 2018 · 4:36 PM

Short Courses and Workshop Sessions

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August 6, 2018 · 4:17 PM

How to raise capital for any business: Lessons 1, 2, 3, & 4

How to raise capital

This free course is a 4-part lesson series that reveals:

  • The most dangerous Mental Roadblocks that hold many entrepreneurs back from attracting the capital they need for their business;
  • The 5 BIG reasons investors and funding organisations are keen to release billions of dollars in funding every year;
  • The 4 Major Categories investors use to classify and evaluate businesses that approach them for funding;
  • The Top 15 Sources of Funding you should target to raise capital;
  • The Good and Bad sides of each source of funding so you can make objective choices and decisions about the right source of funding for your business;
  • Real-life examples and success stories of entrepreneurs who have successfully raised funding for their businesses;
  • The SUCCESS FORMULA for attracting investors to fund your business;
  • The 10 Most Important Things investors are looking for in any business before they invest;
  • Practical Tips for identifying, targeting, approaching and attracting the right investors to fund your business; and
  • The 5 most common mistakes you should avoid when you’re raising funding for your business.

To access the lesson, kindly complete the form below to obtain your password via sms as well as your toolkit and bonus material via email:


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Protected: How to raise capital for any business: Lessons 2 to 4

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How to raise capital for any business: Lesson 1

How to raise capital

Watch Now

To access the complete 4 lessons, see our next post.


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April 6, 2018 · 8:02 PM

Online Journalism Seminar 1

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December 6, 2017 · 12:19 PM

Why Class and Social Status is a thing of the mind. It is subjective!

Source: Why Class and Social Status is a thing of the mind. It is subjective!

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