Abule-Egba means business

We are proud to be hosting the largest business organization; the Abule-Egba Economic Forum representing businesses in Abule-Egba and environs, especially home businesses and SMEs. Edusearch is keen to supporting all local businesses and we are also very keen to encourage more local employers to work with us.


Please ensure that, to get the most out of your visit, you attend as many of the seminars and speed networking session as possible, as well as at least one of the free 1:1 business advice clinics and exhibition.

1:1 Business Advice Clinics

With specialist and experts covering different areas of business management, visitors can book appointment to gain personal and direct advice on their peculiar issues and problems.

The clinics include management and corporate planning, staffing, accounting, law, taxation, marketing and business development, startup finance, financial planning, exporting and partnering.

To book your free one-to-one business advice clinic appointments visit the reception desk, but please note availability at this stage is extremely limited.


Networking is essential for all businesses, big and small, and is something that some cannot pluck up enough to encourage, try or think that they will get embarrassed if they do.

Throughout the day, there is informal networking. Across the venue, with potential suppliers, clients, partners and friends. There are also speed networking sessions, with limited spaces available, which like speed dating, give you a brief opportunity at promoting your business and service/products to your opposite partner.


Throughout the day, there are semimars from successful industry experts to inform, motivate and stimulate.

Held in the Seminar Room, next to the exhibition area, keep an ear out for announcements to ensure you do not miss these great presentations.

  1. Business Start UP Clinic

Things to consider before starting your own business – topics covered include

  • Are you ready to be your own boss?
  • Why do many new business start-ups fail?
  • Owning your Idea
  • Location, Logistics and Marketing
  • Unique Selling Point
  • Funding your start up business and managing your money
  • Planning your journey

2. Five Drivers To Boost Your Bottom Line

In this seminar we will show you the 5 drivers that you can use to boost your bottom line profits by 100% in the next 12 months. We will talk you through how other successful businesses have applied these drivers to their businesses and the results they have achieved such as:

  • Generating 82% more turnover without spending a kobo on marketing
  • Boosting net profit to 37% from a cash-poor position
  • Generating enough cashflow to open another branch after years of only breaking even

 3. Trusting Your People And Your Trusted Networks…

…and getting the best of these two assets.

Has your business grown organically since you set up and you need to be doing a more strategic role? Now is the time to free yourself up, but are still not sure how to accelerate the development of your people to fill the gap behind you? Equally how do you leverage your networks to become your second sales force?

4. Growing Your Business By Exporting

This seminar looks at different areas in and around exporting, including:

  • The reasons why Nigerian companies should look at the export markets
  • Some of the opportunities offered by international markets
  • The help and support which EGNL can offer to companies thinking about exporting or currently exporting
  • Next steps

5. Unlocking Knowhow For Business Growth

Growth in difficult times can sometimes require a different strategy. Leveraging what others know could be the difference between standing still and breaking out into a new phase of development and expansion for your business. You will be shown how finding, sourcing, partnering with and developing new knowledge and know how from the research base can drive your business. It’s something from which every business, large or small, can benefit. It’s straightforward, often costless and always beneficial. Come along and find out more.


There is the opportunity to exhibit your products/services to propel interest in your service offering or products and generate leads to be converted to customers.

To exhibit during the event, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. you must be a registered business operating in Abule-Egba or environs.
  2. you must have been operating for at least 6 months with relevant evidences.
  3. you must have publicity materials like a roll-up banner, fliers, brochure and some business cards.
  4. Come with samples of your products in electronic format or small sized physical products for display with some branded souvenirs (like pen or jotter and so on) for visitors to your stand (this is not compulsory but preferable).
  5. you must indicate during registration and register by  Friday 16th September, 2016. Fee for exhibition will cost additional #5,000.



To book to participate in the event, your business must be operating in Abule-Egba or environs and registration ticket per person obtained at the cost of #4,000 on/before 30th September, 2016 or #2,500 for early registration closing on Friday 16th September, 2016. This is excluding the #5,000 fee for those exhibiting their products/services (i.e those exhibiting their products/services are charged #7,500 altogether).

Date: Saturday 8th October, 2016

Time: 09:00 – 15:00

Event timetable, exhibition floorplan and exhibitor directory will be published latest by 30th Sept., 2016.

Fill the form below to register your interest and/or make further enquiry regarding this event. Once form is submitted, you may be required to provide some business documents as evidence of business registration and proof of address before the event registration and payment link is sent to you to process your ticket via email if you are considered eligible.


One response to “Abule-Egba means business

  1. Wow!!! The next big thing is what has filled my mind since the going by of the Abule-Egba-Means-Business event and that is Lagos Means Business. Watch out for Lagos Means Business coming up on Saturday the 19th of May., 2018 at the Centre for Management Development, Magodo Lagos from 9am to 3pm.


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