Management Issues

Why Leadership Management Is Important

In every company there are different employees with different designations and different responsibilities. And in some industries, whenever a company starts a new project, the responsibilities of employees change. To perform these responsibilities the employees may already have the required skills or they may not have these skills. That is why whenever a new project …

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As the Part 2 of this series examines the role of information in decision-making, THE MANAGER AS A DECISION MAKER Part 3 goes further to analyse the nature of managerial decision-making by first differentiating between programmed and non-programmed decisions, and explains why non-programmed decision-making is a complex, uncertain process.

Business Support Services Map

[polldaddy poll=7541208] Business support services map This is an invaluable resource to businesses in the United Kingdom and especially to those based in Barnet borough. It is the output of a comprehensive research carried out with my research colleague Moneeb Rana and supervised by a scholar Dr.LakshmiNarasimhan Chari of Middlesex University Business School on behalf …

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Application of management theories

This is about the use of management concepts, theories and analytical techniques to provide advice and practical information that will aid managerial planning and decision-making tasks. As decision-making is an everyday activity of the human life, so also it is for any enterprise. Quality decisions which are informed by systematic analysis of relevant information are sine …

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