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What really is the job of a Business Consultant in Nigeria?

The job of Business consultants is to advice business owners on the best possible ways to grow their particular businesses, and also advise them on the most effective ways of overcoming their business challenges. Business Consultants in Nigeria and other parts of the world are also responsible for organizational structuring and business processes analysis and structuring. Business consultants can be seen as Business Doctors; they study businesses with different approaches, they analyze businesses, they help businesses to grow and stay healthy by giving professional advice and teachings to business owners, but unlike doctors, Business Consultants really need to be passionate about their job for them to be effective. Business consultants play the role of coaches, as such; business consultants are also called business coaches.


What should I look forward to in meeting with a business consultant in Nigeria?

When you are to have a business consulting session with a business consultant, you should look forward to three things:

  •  For you and the business consultant to join ideas together in planning and strategizing for the future of your business.
  • You and the business consultant will together consider the best possible options towards achieving your business goals.
  • Write down a list of the challenges your business is facing and expect the business consultant to come up with some insightful approaches towards tackling the challenges.

How do I know that a particular business consultant has what it takes to advise me on business matters?

Unfortunately, being an effective business consultant has little or nothing to do with how many years a particular business consultant has been in the field, or how large the consulting firm of the consult is, all that matters is the ability of that particular consultant to deliver quality results, apart from that nothing else really seem to matter. There are lots of people out there who call themselves business consultants or business coaches, and with the help of packaging on their part, it makes it more difficult to differentiate who is who. The only way to find an effective business consultant is just to listen to what he or she has to say. You can give the consult a certain limit of time without letting him or her know, if the consultant is able to deliver quality ideas and strategies within a fair-enough time, then know that the consultant has what it takes to continually give you quality advice on business matters. Please note that the business management ideas and business growth strategies of business consultants are really NOT some ‘supernatural’ or ‘hidden secret’ ideas; a number of times they might just be a combination of simple ideas that you as the business owner is not thinking of, or some opportunities/strategies that the business owner is failing to maximize. But the bottom-line is for the business consultant to bring out some ideas (simple or highly strategic) that will fit that particular business, but which the given business owner is either not using at all or not maximizing enough.

The question is; do I need professional business managers?

You don’t need a business coach or business consultant to come and start ‘managing’ your business for you. You only need your business coach to come and fine-tune the activities of your business periodically. You can choose to hire the services of an effective business coach once in three months or once in six months. But once you trust the judgments of a particular business coach, then you need to bring him in periodically. It’s just like having a general medical checkup periodically; you don’t need to wait until your business is having serious problems before you call on your business consultant, once you have found a competent business consultant; then make it mandatory that you call on him periodically to do a general checkup and re-strategising for your business.

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