Social Media – Putting All the Pieces Together

Twitter and Facebook and Blogs..oh my! YouTube and LinkedIn and Amplify…oh my! Are you wondering how to fit all the pieces of the social media puzzle together? Are you feeling overwhelmed before you even get started?

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Social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming, you can keep it simple…yes, simple! There’s all the talk about social network sites, all the technical programs available, all the tools, all the applications, and there’s video…it goes on and on. Where do you start and where does it all go? How does it all fit together?

When starting with social media you’ll need to define your objectives, define your target market, and create your strategy. In other words, define what it is you want to accomplish by using social media (your objectives), who do you want to reach (your target market), and how you are going to accomplish those objectives (your strategy).

Do you want to become the “go to” dentist in your area? Maybe you want to become “The” cosmetic dentist in your area or want to grow your practices email list. Just what is it you want to accomplish?

Your objectives, target market, and strategy become your plan of action.

Once these pieces are together you’re ready to start filling in the rest of your puzzle…choosing your social networks. To do this, you’ll need to be clear on your target market and familiar with which social networks they prefer to use the most.

Let’s put this in perspective: If you are on Twitter and your target is on Facebook, you aren’t going to accomplish anything…you’re not where your client is…see the importance? You want to go where the “eyeballs” are…be known and be seen where your target market is.

Just like your regular puzzle, you add one or two pieces at a time. When choosing your social networks, start slow with one, possibly two, of the network pieces. Many like to start with Facebook or Twitter and a blog. As you get comfortable with these pieces, you have the option to add more pieces to your social network. But the key is finding and working within your comfort level.

Whether you’re putting together a 500 piece puzzle (a couple of networks) or a 2000 piece puzzle (most of the networks) keep working and soon your social media puzzle will all be together in one good fit!

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