Business Ethics- Law of Kamma

Law of Camma

In the business world today, it is not far fetched destroying others or other people businesses in the name of competition. What every business person should know is that there are different laws in operation in life generally. One of these laws is the law of Kamma- Do to others what you expect from them because what goes around, comes around.

These are points to know:

  • You cannot destroy others to gain a competitive advantage- It is certainly not the way.
  • You cannot be the reason for the failure of others and expect to succeed.
  • It is unethical and not professional gaining business advantage by destroying the image of others. This is why even in advertising, you do not show the brand name or logo of your competitor(s) in your claim of superiority.
  • Compete on an equal ground without having to destroy others. This gives you a true sense of success.
  • The truth is if you had a competitive edge in the first place, you would not have chosen to destroy your competitor’s image.


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