Social Networking Gurus?

I think the recent buzz word is social media guru. Here is my reason why. Every day there is a new social media guru training people on how to use Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to build their business.

Let’s define the term guru.

First they must possess an error that says they know everything. You know that person, the one who is the know it all me. “Trust me, I know what I’m talking about”, they will say, as they begin to show you everything that you should be doing that is incorrect.

Secondly, the guru is someone who will not show you all the secrets to using social media content until you get to the next step and pay them an additional N5000. A lot of people think everything is money. Give someone value at the start of a relationship and they will pay you as much money as you want. Give someone little value and you will need to have a new level to charge people more money, because you will not be getting that many more customers afterwards.

I believe that there are no gurus, just good teachers. I recommend you look for a teacher, someone who will show you the ropes and provide good value. The person who knows all the answers is the first person you should not trust, because they are not ready to grow with you. Hey, they may only have 5 followers for their business, but is that enough for you?

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