Social Media Marketing – Drive by Or Drive In?

We are inundated on a daily basis. Whether we are listening to the radio while driving down the road, finally sitting down at the end of the day to watch television, or working on our computers, rapidly fired shots of marketing messages are flashed out at us constantly.

Our senses are left wounded and worn out by these drive by assaults.

Marketers are slowly beginning to realize that these tactics leave us feeling numb and desensitized. They are no longer having their intended result. Agile companies are beginning to get a clue that in order to get something from consumers (a sale) they need to give something to the consumer (valuable information or goods).

Imagine yourself having a picnic with your family on a Saturday afternoon. A friendly server approaches your car on a pair of roller skates, skillfully gliding along.  The server stops at your window and greets you with a friendly smile and “how can I help you?”  The server kindly takes your order and skates off to fill it. This is a pleasant scenario. This is what new media marketing should equate to.

One must develop a rapport. Social media is about being social, getting to know others, letting others get to know you. When an individual logs on to Facebook, that individual wants to see what is going on with his or her  friends or favorite fan pages, not to be assaulted with outright marketing messages. Leave your fans feeling like they are getting something valuable from you and they will reciprocate.

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