Edusearch is the home of business and management research and research education. We are characterised with the expertise to run and manage your business successfully from conducting industry & market analysis to identifying a need to meet, to developing your business idea and business planning & financing, to corporate branding, IT infrastructure, operational management and business growth.

The uniqueness we have brought to the fore is research in business and its relevance in management including planning, management information systems and decision making, organising, staffing, leading and controlling. Research and Development are sine qua non to effective management and business relevance. And unlike the belief of some that academic theories and concepts are not obtainable in the business world today, we believe that the knowledge base for any successful business still remains the business school.

Employers see work based learning as bringing skills and knowledge into the organisation, which can improve overall performance and competitiveness while employees want to invest in learning to improve their practice in their existing workplace and/or in order to enhance their career progression. Therefore relevant research education and knowledge transfer to the workplace leads to and as well enhances best practices. At Edusearch, we integrate the research skills and theoretical understanding accumulated from professional and academic education with the experiential learning gained in the workplace through knowledge transfer.

At Edusearch, we get it done rightly by transforming data into knowledge and turning knowledge into value by creating insights from systematically analysed information. This is done through both knowledge base and evidence base data analysis using the most suitable research methods to produce reliable and valid actionable recommendations for decision making.

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